NATIONWIDE SERVICES is the only full scale agency across the country with a range of services to complement every need of our clients’, large and and small alike. It is our job to ensure that your business can operate to its highest potential while benefitting your bottom line and with every service managed in-house at our headquarters, we can do just that. With over thirty years expertise, we are the most experienced liquor license brokerage with the widest reach – from the most metropolitan city to even the smallest of counties. We assist in procuring nearly every type of license and support in the following fundamental services:

Qualifying Services – The team of liquor license brokers are dedicated to ensuring all buyers and sellers are properly qualified before they are permitted to enter into any liquor license transactions. It is our job to locate and secure licenses that are lien-free and transferrable – providing our clients peace of mind and the comfort of knowing their deal will finalize without unexpected hiccups.

Brokerage For Buyer – maintains the largest database of available licenses in the nation. No matter where you are seeking to open your concept our team can source and secure a license that is qualified for purchase. Allow us to streamline the process and get you the right license in a timely and economical manner.

Brokerage For Seller – Our nationwide services are unmatched in the industry in their size, scope, and magnitude. We pre-qualify all of our buyers at no cost to our sellers. We work hand-in-hand to ensure that you’re never met with unnecessary brokerage fees, hidden costs, and unwarranted seller expenses. In addition, through our listing services your license is broadcast to potential buyers via digital and true marketing campaigns. Contact today and list your license with our company exclusively and experience the power of our platform.