One of the most intimidating factors when dealing with liquor licensure are the accompanying facets after you’ve entered into an agreement surrounding your new license. Failure to comply with your city, county, and state’s laws and regulations can result in thousands of dollars in fines, loss of your business license, and even being shut down indefinitely. clients benefit from an assortment of additional amenities providing them expert guidance throughout the entire liquor license process, which include:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Liaising/Filing: properly compiles and files the requisite paperwork for each of our clients. Our direct correspondence with the state liquor boards ensures that our clients’ needs are addressed and met with pre-established trust
  • Expedited: Our team has the benefit of cultivating well-established and long-standing relationships with state regulators across the country. Working closely with our contacts allows our clients to find their licenses fast-tracked for approval
  • Regulatory: Your liquor license must be kept current at all times to ensure no penalties are incurred. effectively customizes a number of services to ensure that our clients stay within the framework of compliance which can consist of corporate updates, manager registration, officer qualification, and other state requirements
  • Renewal: Each of our clients is provided a dedicated team who maintain and update their license file accordingly. Our team will alert you each year that your renewal fee is forthcoming and can assist in filing as necessary
  • Pre-Screening: Prior to making submittals to the appropriate state agencies our staff will analyze your ownership structure to streamline the acceptance of the application and amount of financial and personal disclosures required by principals
  • Mailings/Public Noticing: will draft and distribute the required personalized mailings for our clients alerting the adjacent neighborhood residents and tenants of the forthcoming development of your concept.

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