In addition to our traditional Brokerage, Consulting, and Escrow services offers a full roster of Land Use/Entitlement conveniences for our clients ensuring their concepts are properly vetted and approved before development begins. These services include:

  • License Feasibility Reports: Before committing to a site and spending the time, energy, and funds pursuing a location that may not be sanctioned, our company will identify all the potential issues to be dealt with and provide advice as well as create an actionable strategy, if appropriate, detailing how to best curb these prospective difficulties.
  • Conditional Use Permits (CUP): excels at working collaboratively with our clients and city/county regulatories to successfully issue conditional use permits in desirable neighborhoods that are tough to gain approval in. This may include:
    • Drafting and distributing an approval letter from neighbors/nearby businesses and business owners
    • Presenting at a citywide hearing the proposed development
    • Networking with city planners to officiate proof of conditions
    • Contacting local council members and speaking with proper police department contacts
    • Creating and maintaining file extensions
    • Completion of Radius Map work
  • Plan Approvals: Our team can draft and submit a modified application which is traditionally in association with an existing CUP
  • Code Compliance / Effectuation:Exclusively for CUP’s within the city of Los Angeles