How to Qualify Your Liquor License Broker

As the liquor license industry continues to grow, there have been an overwhelming amount of “brokers” who have started “.com’s” acting as if they have professional experience within the industry.  Unfortunately, such is the opposite, there are some “liquor license brokers/consultants” out there notoriously known for the “bait and switch” tactic. It is imperative that you do your research on any liquor license broker/consultant you solicit as choosing the wrong broker or consultant can lead to over paying on a liquor license, lack of professionalism, and delays in processing your ABC license, all of which will cost you money and time. Transparency is vital in any broker you hire.

The liquor license brokerage industry is morphing into something similar as the attorney industry; thus just like you would qualify an attorney you will do the same for your liquor license broker. For example just because someone passed the Bar exam does not necessarily make them a reputable attorney, thus is the same for liquor license brokers, just because they say they are a liquor license broker, does not necessarily mean they garner the knowledge to successfully complete your ABC application. You want to secure a broker who has enough experience and a great reputation within the industry to ensure a smooth and cost friendly process.

Here is a checklist of what you should request in order to know whether a broker is reputable:

  • Does your liquor license broker have a brick and mortar office?

    • There are brokers who will use satellite offices to make it seem they have a bona-fide location to meet you, in actuality these satellite offices are for one day rentals, thus if are in need to meet with such broker how do you do so if they have no brick and mortar address? It is imperative you are able to meet your liquor license broker or consultant at a brick and mortar address that they run their business at consistently.
  • Does your liquor license broker have a support team?

    • Any broker who is working as an individual without any support staff makes it very difficult to make you the client a priority. For example, if Broker has 10 clients, and any of those clients are paying a higher rate than you are, clearly that Broker will put the other client on priority taking more time away from your process and liquor license.
    • A Liquor License Broker who has a support team will be able to provide attention to each file equally, making all clients a priority. You will need to make sure to request an employee page from the broker to confirm that in fact a team is there to support. Make sure you can actually contact any of the employees shown to confirm that in fact they are real employees.
  • How long has your broker been in business for?

    • You will want to make sure your broker has plenty of experience, you can see how long a “.com” has been in business for by checking the link here:, if the “.com” has not been in existence for over 10 years that is something you need to keep in mind on your decision.
  • Who does such liquor license broker represent?

    • It is important that you request references from any broker you solicit. A reputable broker will have multiple clients you can call to find out more about them and their firm. Any liquor license broker who is unable to provide you true references is not a broker to be working with.