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 23 reviews
by Jon Harrington on LiquorLicense.com
Title: Owner
Business Name: Torch Cigar Bar
License Number: 06070180

Getting the liquor license, because of you, was the easiest part of this entire process!

by Howard Ehrenberg on LiquorLicense.com
Title: Bankruptcy Trustee
License Number: 47-352025, 21-540929

Anyone that has sold or owned a Liquor License well knows the legalities and grave responsibility it carries. The sale of my liquor license was handled by Jason Kho. He kept me informed throughout its timely process, handled and solved any issues that arose, and filed the appropriate ABC paperwork which carried out a smooth transaction. In my line of work being a trustee, the level of transparency is very important in order to continue to provide the courts updates in regards to the sale of an asset. Jason Kho and Liquorlicense.com, fulfill my requirement of transparency and at no point in time do I feel uneducated as to how the transaction if taking place.

I speak very highly of Jason Kho, Senior Broker of LiquorLicense.com. I would definitely contact him for any purchase or sale. Thank you Jason.

by Jon Shook on LiquorLicense.com
Title: President
Business Name: Animal, Son of a Gun, Jon & Vinnys, Trois Mec, Petit Trois
License Number: 41-539319, 41-465258, 47-537146, 47-502102

Whenever we're in a bind, Jason Kho is always the first person we call. Jason is always there for us when we need to secure a liquor license, transfer or any emergency in regards to our licensing and events. His response time and lead time is incredible. We love Jason and his team at Liquorlicense.com!

by Mark Motsenbocker on LiquorLicense.com
Title: Sr. Director of Human Resources/Risk Management
Business Name: Gelson's Markets
License Number: 249423, 346699, 223030, 36540, 564401, 564403...

LiquorLicense.com is an exceptional organization that places people first and that is with their customers and their staff. Craig and Cindy are the premier leaders to ensure that this is a reality every day and I have experienced and observed this repeatedly throughout my interactions with them. In every instance of their service to our organization we have enjoyed the benefit and value that LiquorLicense.com brings to fruition while enhancing our operation and our customers experience. I can honestly say – I am proud of the fact that we have partnered with them. They have an exceptional team who cares about making sure that they deliver on every element of their business proposition. You can’t go wrong by making this company a part of your strategy for success – but I assure you it will be wrong for your company if you do not include them.

by Michael Lawson on LiquorLicense.com
Title: Development Director / Director of Tenant Coordination | Commercial Development
Business Name: Shea Properties

LiquorLicense.com is great to work with and do an outstanding job. They understand the regulatory process with local jurisdictions and the ABC, and proactively engage all necessary parties as needed to get the job done. I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy and the LiquorLicense.com team, and the responsiveness and level or professionalism is top notch.

by Howard Burns on LiquorLicense.com
Title: Director of Real Estate
Business Name: WKS Restaurant Group - Blaze Pizza
License Number: 548805, 569191, 561131, 548799, 533790, 566476...

WKS Pizza Corporation has used the services of LiquorLicense.com to get our first liquor licenses. We had considered attempting to do the process ‘in-house’ but quickly realized that the bureaucratic maze was absolute daunting. We researched a few consulting groups and selected LiquorLicense.com. They jumped into the maze with no qualms and got us to the end of the process. It is astounding that a simple Type 41 can require so many pages ABC paperwork for ‘first licenses’. Add to that the process of paperwork in the City of Los Angeles for a “Conditional Use Beverage” permit and the assistance/expertise of Liquor License.com was essential to success.
Even if you are simply (no such thing as ‘simple’ in this instance) purchasing an existing license and transferring it, the bureaucratic rules can be daunting. LiquorLicense.com not only helped us through those issues but knew the timing requirements and how to attempt to get attention while not aggravating the situation.

by Charlton Lui on LiquorLicense.com
Title: CEO
Business Name: Caffe Primo
License Number: 549728, 551537, 550147, 550824, 552538

The LiquorLicense.com team has been extremely supportive and responsive in ensuring that the process of obtaining a liquor license goes as smooth as possible. The team members take pride in their work and continue to put in the extra effort. I look forward to a continued long-term relationship with LiquorLicense.com to achieve all of our liquor license goals.

by Paul Frederick on LiquorLicense.com
Title: Owner
Business Name: Eureka Restaurant Group
License Number: 442939, 553766, 553691, 553848, 553918, 554447...

Liquor License.com is a vertical platform that handles everything involved with procuring a liquor license throughout the United States. Offering excellent service from beginning to end they make the process seamless and easy.

by Otis Henderson on LiquorLicense.com
Title: Managing Member
Business Name: Y & O unlimited
License Number: 47-526398

Liquorlicense.com and their sales associate, Sam Kellerman has been extremely helpful and professional during an escrow process that has been anything but normal. He has kept me updated as situation developed and has responded quickly to my request for information.
I would recommend Sam and Liquorlicense.com to anyone I know looking for true professionals.

by Adrian Amosa on LiquorLicense.com
Title: President
Business Name: Gaucho Grill
License Number: 47-565005, 501942, 41-475093,

Gaucho Grill has been working with LiquorLicense.com for over 7 years on five different license purchases and application approvals. Senior Broker Jason Kho and his team at LiquorLicense.com has been incredibly professional, diligent, transparent, expeditious, and courteous. I highly recommend LiquorLicense.com, they have been vital in the success of Gaucho Grill. Thank you!

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